MBEL is a part of the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, a Joint Department between the Georgia Inst. of Technology College of Engineering and Emory University School of Medicine. The lab is physically located on the 2nd floor in the U.A. Whitaker Building on the Georgia Tech campus.

Our research centers on:

Understanding the critical roles of the extracellular matrix (ECM) during:

  1. a)tissue patterning during development (e.g. mechanochemical signaling during morphogenesis) and

  2. b)tissue structure/function disruption during pathogenesis (e.g. fibrosis, cancer)

Engineering extracellular matrices that:

  1. a)engage and augment the natural wound healing process and

  2. b)facilitate tissue regeneration (e.g. stem cell differentiation, pattern formation) and impede scar (fibrosis) formation following injury.

Matrix Biology and Engineering Lab (MBEL)




ECM engineering

Cell-ECM mechanotransduction

Roles of ECM in stem cell differentiation and tissue pattern formation

Roles of ECM in pathology


Virginia Collier, Dr. Ashley Brown, Dominique Thornton, Dr. Rodney Averett, Sarah Jordan, Alison Douglas, Prof. Tom Barker

Wendy Brown (A), Marilyn Markowski, Lizhi Cao, Prof. Sarah Stabenfeldt (A), Dr. Kelly Clause, Dr. Allyson Soon, Vince Fiore

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Tom Barker wins the American Society for Matrix Biology Young Investigator Award